March 24, 2017

Slice of Life Challenge | Day 24

Recess duty.

A little girl said her hands were cold. Her sister took her gloves off and gave them to her.

Two little girls ran up to a little boy from their class and asked if he wanted to play with them.

A little girl shortened her ride on the swing so a little boy in kindergarten could have a turn.

Recess blessings.


  1. Aww . . . how lovely. It's wonderful to be reminded of the light within our students.

  2. Recess is my favorite part of the day. I get to see kids being imaginative and kindness running rampant. This was a cute little slice.

  3. What beautiful works of God in your children. So sweet.

  4. And blessings for you for noticing so we can hear the stories too.

  5. You have this beautiful way of saying so much is such few words. That is a gift, my friend.


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