March 22, 2017

Slice of Life Challenge | Day 22

More and more, it seems I am calling Ethan, "Jim"...and Jim, "Ethan"...

This morning I said, "Thank you, Ethan" when Jim did something for me.

He walked by me, knocked on Eliza's door and asked, "When your mother signs the card for my birthday, can you make sure she writes my name on it?"

He turns 49 on Friday, and he thinks he's funny! Wink!


  1. So funny! I love that! My mom used to go through every name but mine, but we always knew what she meant. :)

  2. I often walk into a room and say, What was I coming here for -? This is the realest of real moments, captured well and even with humor - made me smile.

  3. You have most wonderful family! It certainly helps that they have a sense of humor, too!


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