March 11, 2017

Slice of Life Challenge | Day 11

Mom: Eliza, are we going in the afternoon?

Eliza (as she walked out of her room): Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

Mom: What?

Eliza: I get it! After. Noon. It's after noon. Morning, afternoon, evening.

I laughed and lovingly teased my 16-year-old honors student, but actually...

I am very familiar with those moments! All of a sudden, a word, used forever, looks new!

We giggled over her aha moment!


  1. What a sweet moment, I love it!
    I love that I posted right after you tonight. That means we were for real slicing together! :)

  2. This is so sweet! Kid make the best discoveries--ones that make us look at the world with new eyes and excitement!

  3. I love this!
    My daughter was SURE Alice in Wonderland was Allison Wonderland! Actually, we are still trying to convince her (age 20) that it is Alice IN Wonderland

  4. Ha!! My gifted honors daughter (23 and married now) has these moments often. SO funny! It is true, though, that sometimes a word is so often used you don't really think about it.

  5. Now that word will always have a special aha! attached to it. Hope these moments never go away.

  6. I can't say much - from the mom whose daughter thinks the iron breathes! ;)


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