November 8, 2016

Slice of Life | In the Car

As I drove Ethan to practice, I was thinking

how one of the things I will miss the most

when he has his licence someday (and lives away)

is his singing and dancing in the car.

It started in his car seat as a toddler

and it's still happening at 14.

He always wins for getting to play his music, 

but it's worth it to watch him rap and dance beside me.


  1. Yup, you will miss it! I am glad you can still see the little boy in the teenager you have today. Enjoy!

  2. This is perfect small moment writing! Enjoy your son and all those moments. He sounds like quite the guy!

  3. What a lovely moment. It shares your love, you life and evokes your reader's. Perfect.

  4. Beautiful moment! Thank you for sharing!

  5. I wrote a poem about backseat conversation. So much happens in a car ride and you've described your time perfectly. Love this time remembered!

  6. Sweet slice, sweet moments to remember.

  7. These moments pass too quickly, you are wise to enjoy them now.

  8. I love that he's not embarrassed to dance and sing in front of his momma. My question now is..... Are you joining in????? ;) Thanks for reminding me to enjoy every minute with my girls.

  9. Thank you for the sweet comments. I love when I share on time to post with Two Writing Teachers. Always good to hear from folks!


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