September 20, 2016

Slice of Life | Wedding Day Jots

Over the years, I've learned some of these things about the wedding: 

It is the only time Dad has worn a bow tie.

Everyone wore a dark suit and Uncle Ottie showed up in a light one.

Mom paid for her own wedding. (Mom said, "But Dad had put me through school." Mom went away to Bethany Bible School when she was 14.)

Mom read an Emily Post book to help her plan.

Mom wishes she had asked Aunt Gloria, her youngest sister, to be a bridesmaid too.

They had to have the rehearsal on Saturday morning, because the musician couldn't be there earlier.

Before the ceremony, Mom asked Grampie to go downstairs and make sure Dad was there.

Dad bought a Saturday Evening Post on their honeymoon. He has been a fan forever!

They went to a little motel in Sussex for their honeymoon. Friends had already been there. When they were outside shaking the pepper from the sheets, Mom started to tell Dad how to shake them and he said, "You shake your way and I'll shake mine". There was laughter heard from behind the little cottage.

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