August 16, 2016

Slice of Life | Bandanna

a large handkerchief, typically having a colorful pattern, worn around the head or neck
I was looking through old photos to inspire me to write something. I have drafts started about moments over the summer, but haven't finished them. I saw this photo and remembered how Kim and I went to our first 2v2 grass tournament in Connecticut with Jim Berger and his partner. Great fun and we both won our divisions!

Wearing a bandanna or headband was easy and I still do it around the house sometimes when I'm cleaning. I laughed when I saw this photo, because I think this is the same bandanna that Annie has started wearing! She got her hair cut shorter this summer and is wearing it down more. One day she pulled out a bandanna as she headed to work at Lyon's Country Store. I think this is it! I didn't realize I had it that long!


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