June 7, 2016

Slice of Life | Female Athlete of the Year

Harrison Trimble High School
Female Athlete of the Year
Annie Druart
Photo Source: Jamie Teed

Trimble's Awards Assembly was held yesterday morning. Without the students knowing, parents were called in advance if their son or daughter would be receiving an award. I was teaching, but Jim was able to get there. We are extremely proud of Annie who received the Volleyball Award and the Female Athlete of the Year Award. Coach Keith sent the following so I could hear what was read before Annie received the award:

"This year's Female Athlete of the Year is a role model for all young athletes. She sets the bar high for her teammates by dedicating herself year round to one sport, and is living proof that you get out of a sport what you put into it. She is one of the top athletes in her sport in the province of New Brunswick. This Trojan's athletic dominance goes far beyond her immense skill. She represents what every coach wants, strength in character, dedication, drive, and a work ethic that is second to none. These are the true reasons that she has risen to the top of her game.

Our female athlete lives and breathes her sport. She has been on the starting line-up of the Senior Girls' Volleyball Team for 4 years straight. She has also played for various teams outside of Trimble, including competing at a national level with the Moncton Roofers, winning gold at Eastern Canadians with U15 New Brunswick team and silver at Easterns with the U16 New Brunswick team. She has been voted a Volleyball New Brunswick All-Star on three separate occasions, and has recently taken on the challenge of playing beach volleyball. This past year, as co-captain of the senior girls volleyball team, this Trojan helped lead our Trimble girls' to an undefeated season. Her talent and unwavering commitment to the sport of volleyball has been noticed at the University level, and as a result she will be playing for UdeM in the AUS next season.

This Trojan consistently leads by example for her teammates; she wears maroon and white with great pride, and truly knows what it means to represent the Trimble crest on her uniform with the respect and character it deserves. She has demanded more of herself than any coach could ever ask for and it is this self-motivation that sets her apart from her peers. The recipient of the prestigious 'Tippett Cup' and the 2015-2016 Harrison Trimble High School Female Athlete of the Year is Annie Druart."

Thank you for these beautiful words about our Annie.


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