April 26, 2016

Slice of Life | Came

As I was driving to school today, I was remembering more.

Last fall I was trying to wrap my mind about how to get everything done before going with Jim. Carolyn, who is a teacher, came and helped in my classroom for a morning.

That's love.

And then I thought about about the words....

   She came.

      He came.

         They came.

Such love in two word sentences.

Think about sad times, troubled times, or happy times,

   when someone came to be beside you, help you or celebrate with you.

That's love.



  1. It is something wonderful to celebrate when out of the blue someone comes to help you.

  2. That is something beautiful. To think about all the times someone came to my aide or just came to be with me. :) Thank you for this wonderful reminder.

  3. Yes, people are so loving and kind.
    Thank you for being here, Maria and Bernadette!


Thank you for being here.