March 5, 2016

day 5 | slice of life challenge

Goodness gracious! Once again, Eliza wasn't ready to catch the first trip into town when Jim took Ethan to practice. But she didn't want to wait until he got back, because that would be too late and she would be missing moments at her friend's house! I told her that she had to wait. She was sweet and kept trying to persuade me to get her there sooner. She finally got me with technology! Her friends, M and M, sent a photo of themselves with long, sad faces! I gave in and put in a good word for her. Jim (most patient award) came back for her during the practice!

As I write about last night, I remember a time friends tried to persuade my parents! I was not allowed to go to dances in junior high and I asked if I could go to the last one before high school. Friends signed a piece of paper trying to convince my parents to let me go. (I laugh thinking about it! I probably still have it!) It didn't work! Dang it!  Maybe if I'd had a picture of them, Mom?


  1. Very sweet post! Your husband is a good dad. :)

  2. She is using multi-modal tools to support her persuasive "writing." Maybe you also gave in because you could greatly empathize with her situation.

  3. Good for you and your husband that you let her go...and smart friends for that gloomy photograph.

  4. The challenges of knowing when to say no, when to say yes and when to change your mind.


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