March 3, 2016

day 3 | slice of life challenge

There is no place like home.
- L. Frank Baum, The Wonderful Wizard of Oz

Many days as my mind thinks about what needs to be done
and where I (and the family) need to be,
my mind searches for what time I will be home.

The sun isn't up yet
and I am already thinking about getting home.


  1. I am already thinking about getting home
    before I even step foot out the door,
    a little more push is all I need to believe
    that this sanctuary will be the same when I return
    weighed down by stories and poems and worries
    left bundled by the shoes on the floor for tomorrow
    morning's journey.

    --Kevin, lifting a line to build a poem as comment

    1. Your beautiful response made me teary. So moving. Thank you, Kevin.

  2. This reflects your deep connection to home. So lovely.

  3. Short writing that is filled with deep thoughts. Words don't always have to be written to send a message.

  4. Home is so elemental - it's always a place you know you love.

  5. A beautiful thought captured in an early morning moment. I hope your day went fast and you got home soon.

  6. It must be that time of year. I started yesterday saying how tired I was. Today I "reprimanded" myself. I got a great night's sleep. But I still counted the "events" until I could return home. The weekend's almost here - hang in there!

  7. I love how you kind of put a blanket over the day, covering your family's travel, contemplating when all would return, ah-h, back home.


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