March 27, 2016

day 27 | slice of life challenge

Over the years, I've participated in Five Minute Friday from time to time. (I think I learned about it through Ruth Ayres or Michelle Nero.) A word is shared and you write for five minutes about it. Ladies, from all over, share their thinking and encourage each other. One week the word was nothing and I forgot about what I wrote until I was scrolling through past posts to find an idea for today. I am thankful that I write things down...not only to save family memories, but to remember what God has done.

Luke 1:37 says... 
          ...Nothing is impossible for God. 

It doesn't say "Nothing is possible for God." 
It says "Nothing is IMPOSSIBLE for God." 
No thing 
I can think of a long list of things that look impossible to me
but no thing looks impossible to Him. 
     ...The ____________ is not impossible for God. 
          ...My ____________ is not impossible for God. 
               ...Our ____________ is not impossible for God. 
                    ...Your ____________ is not impossible for God.

I can look back at that list in my notebook and see so many concerns crossed off. Maybe not answered the way I wanted or in my timing, but I can see clearly how He takes cares of us and nothing is impossible for Him.


  1. Great post to remind us of this day and the power he has to lead us in the right direction.

  2. This day is so important and this was a great reminder that nothing is too big, too hard or impossible for our God!!

  3. Such a good post... in May 2014 and today! I'm posting some of my writings on the website our church just started. One is on this topic. You might enjoy it: Is There Anything Too Hard for God? Happy Easter!

  4. I am thankful that I write things down too. Looking back is so much fun. Thank you for sharing the information about Five Minute Friday. I will check it out this week. Happy Easter!


  5. It is nice that you can find your words, and be renewed by them, too, Loralee. Happy Easter!

  6. This post is the truth! I'm glad that He continues to show you the meaning of this message as you face trials and see them overcome.

  7. You are so right! ALL things are possible through Him and NOTHING is impossible for Him! Blessed is the Lord! I hope your Easter was a wonderful one! I thought of you today and said a prayer. :)

  8. I love that you say you love that you have written things down to remind you of what God has done. That is so true and amazing to even begin to imagine. Your words are true and I thank you for this reminder. Nothing is impossible -- especially a reminder today when He is risen!


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