March 23, 2016

day 23 | slice of life challenge

Harrison Trimble Varsity Volleyball

Over the weekend, Annie and Eliza were in a two-day tournament at the University of Moncton. There were 28 high school teams from around the province, and they went to the finals and won the gold medal! It was an exciting way to start the season!

After church, Dad went to the field house and took in the quarter finals and semi finals. (Ethan and I were on the road for his tournament!) With my sister and brother-in-law, who are also faithful fans, they checked the time and went to their cars. (They forgot that with volleyball tournaments, the next match can happen as soon as one match finishes and the day end earlier than planned!) Dad listened to the radio and had a little nap...and then saw girls walking out with medals around their necks. They had missed the finals! Dad is still kicking himself, but we joke that waiting in the car was a lot easier on his heart, especially if there were any missed serves! Wink!


  1. Well - those medals look wonderful. Congratulations!

  2. Congratulations, and too bad about the missing of the ceremony, but the medals will always be around.

  3. That is AWESOME!!!! I wish I could have been there to watch! I love, love, love volleyball. What positions do your girls play? You need to have your daughters write a slice for their win!

    1. Wouldn't that be fun to have you here watching?
      Eliza (grade 10) is a middle blocker and Annie (grade 12) is an outside hitter.


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