March 10, 2016

day 10 | slice of life challenge

I'm a Canadian and married to an American. When we see Trump in the news, I am baffled and disturbed by the way he talks to people and about people. Each day, in our classrooms, we teach our students about empathy, kindness and respect. We help them with their words and actions. We model how to be strong without name calling and put downs. Will our leaders be role models for our students? For our own children?


  1. I think about that all the time! Not only our presidential candidates, but many other adult role models as well - we don't always show what we tell!!

  2. I am alarmed, Loralee, and wonder too about the model being applauded, and by their parents, too. I am hopeful that there are many of us who decry the behavior, and the elections will result in better! Thanks for your words!

  3. I think it's a hopeful sign that many are alarmed - and I hope parents are having these conversations with their kids, too.


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