March 1, 2016

day 1 | slice of life challenge

Some days can be extra challenging as a teacher
and then you read their writing...

...and you feel reassured.
Oh, how written words touch us!


  1. What a sweet little writer! That one should get an extra hug.

  2. Ok. It is the end of the day and this just melted my heart! You are definitely doing something right for your students!! Be proud!!

  3. What sweetness! Such a relatable feeling, so happy you have this tangible gift of what a positive impact you are making.

  4. writing like this makes your day! So sweet!

  5. That's it, right - this is why we do what we do! Thanks for sharing!

  6. Notes like this are what gets us through the tough times. Notes like this are what makes us smile on days when we are in tears. Notes like this are why we teach. Thank you for sharing slice of teaching joy!

  7. The sweetest note, and it's extra nice that you shared with all of us.

  8. Love that your reassurance came from a little one. Such a sweet note. I'm still trying to figure out which one is you! (My guess? The one on the left ...)

    1. Yes! :0)
      I have hair that is never the same (curly, flat, frizzy...depends on the weather and how the wind is blowing maybe) so the kids like to copy my drawings of myself...always with crazy hair. :0)


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