February 23, 2016

Slie of Life | With God

I was rereading and came across this Slice of Life...
An Annie moment when she was 14... 
At a provincial championship where Annie's volleyball team went on to win the gold, I was talking to her between matches and I commented on how strong she was playing. Annie's response was... 
"I can only do it with God." 
Oh, how true it is in our everyday as well. 
We can fill in the blank with so many things.
I can only  _______ with God.
Annie is 17 now and graduation is ahead.

Wherever He leads

   Whenever He asks her to wait

      Whenever He asks her to go

         Whatever He asks her to do

            She can only do it with Him.



  1. Loralee, just beautiful. As our children head out into the world, it is comforting to know He is by their side.


    1. Very.
      Thank you for being here. I love hearing from you.


Thank you for being here.