February 16, 2016

Slice of Life | Neil in the Kitchen

On Saturday evening, Jim and I were watching television and the movie, He's Just Not that Into You, came on. I had seen it before, but there wasn't much to pick from. Jim forwarded through parts when I nodded off! Poor guy! It isn't a favorite movie for me either, but there is one scene that I like...

Beth (Jennifer Aniston) is taking care of her father who suffered a heart attack at her sister's wedding. While she is looking after him, her sisters are wallowing and their husbands are glued to the television. Things are getting chaotic and Beth is wearing down. There is a scene where she is making her way to the kitchen and she sees Neil (Ben Affleck), who she had broken up with earlier in the story, standing at the sink. He is there helping with chores and groceries. He came to help her. 

He reminds me of Jim.


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