February 6, 2016

Celebrate | 80 Reasons


Dad turned 80 on Thursday.

Dale and Karrilee had the family over for a delicious supper.

It was wonderful to get together to celebrate!

Over the past week, I asked family to help me with a list of reasons why they love Dad. While we were together, Uncle Harry read many of them aloud.  Just like Dad, Uncle Harry is tender when he speaks of those he loves. He had us laughing and crying. He spoke of Dad and how people love him, but he also spoke of how people trust him which is even greater thing to be said of someone. (I wish I could say it as beautifully as UH did!) I also loved when he spoke of the friendship between Dad and "Uncle" Harold. Their friendship has lasted for over 40+ years.

Here are just a few of the comments shared by our family...

Dad seeks out new chord sounds everyday and writes them out still. 

Who else has an 80 year old on their worship team?

I remember in high school how Dad would drop Melodie and I off at school. In a car at the front door, no one was allowed out until he finished having prayer for us.

Had me playing with him in church at 12 years old.

You used to be only my brother-in-law and you then became my friend. You are now like the brother I never had.

I will always remember us loading and then unloading the truck with junk in the upper wood house chamber.

I have always respected your tender spirit when the Master's blessing was at work.

Hard worker.

Loved singing with him.

You taught me how to sing alto when I was a little girl, and I love that. Karrilee sang the melody, so I needed to sing something different. Thank you for teaching me! Mom and Dad gave me the gift to be able to sing, and you taught me how to use it. I love that you took me travelling with you and singing with the Harmonaires.

I'll always have fond memories of us being at your house, and all of a sudden you would just sit down at the piano and break out in song. Didn't matter what else was going on. Seemed random, as a kid, but I think I understand a little better now.

Utterly gleeful - full of life, joy and wisdom - that is how I would best describe Uncle Cedric. His passion for and commitment to the important things in life, e.g., his beloved, his faith, history of any ilk, a good hymn, the rare coin, an old radio show, etc is truly an inspiration.

We all love the lively and loving banter between he and Aunt Marina. Ma always had a delightful story to share about her most recent "encounter" with the dynamic duo. Their relationship is authentic and blessed.

I remember him taking me fishing and we didn't catch anything. Then he took me to a fish farm to guarantee we caught something to take home.

Always stopping to pick up bottles for missions.

Drives the car and sings about Jesus, sometimes forgetting he's driving the car.

Always there to watch us play.

Tells good stories.

Always willing to drive us somewhere or pick us up.

Fixes and builds things for us. Talented carpenter and repairman.

Likes a lawn to look good!

When watching a movie with him, he likes to tell you about another movie at the same time.

Always came to my games before the day parents were always going to games.

Able to remember which book has which song.

Able to play any song, even by ear.

Magnificent organist and piano player.

Saved coins and with Mom, made a way for me to get two degrees.

Surrounded Karrilee and I with books.

Thankful he took many photos and slides over our growing up years.

Loves studying his Bible. I love the notes he scratches in the margins and on paper tucked within the pages.

Visits people from the church and community who are sick or hurting.

Strong and courageous.

Tender heart.

Cherishes us.

Loves and adores our Mom.

Loves and serves his Savior.


More memories about my wonderful dad can be found here.

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