December 22, 2015

Slice of Life | If We Lose

Over the weekend, Annie and Eliza played in the Volleyball New Brunswick Provincial Championship. Their team played strong and with heart, going all the way to the end. The played one of their biggest competitors in the semis, and then met their other one in the finals. (Tommies, Reds and Roofers have met for years in the play-offs!) When the final point was scored and the Reds became the 18U Gold Medalists for 2015, they did not feel defeated. They stood tall and rejoiced in how well they played and how well their competition did! The medal ceremony was filled with laughter and gratitude.

While chatting about the tournament with Bampie and Mammie that night, Annie said, "I feel really good about how we all played this weekend. I'm really happy for being a loser."

If we win, we will praise Him.
If we lose, we will praise Him.
- Facing the Giants


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  2. I was watching a football game last night, and noted that real character is found on the losing side of the court or field. When we are winning everything looks and feels so easy, but when we are losing we have to work hard to do our best. Sometimes our best challenges are the ones we lost. What a wise young woman you are raising.


    1. Cathy, thank you for sharing what you noticed during the game. So true! Love how you said it all. Thank you, too, for the sweet words. Mmm.


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