December 15, 2015

Slice of Life | Glenda's Email

I've always loved getting mail.

When I was a little girl, we would get letters from Grammie Landers and Aunt Anna & Uncle Winston. I loved to read about life in Sandford. I can still close my eyes and picture their handwriting on the paper.

As I grew older, it was exciting to walk across the road to check the mailbox for letters from wonderful camp friends or Glenda, an older cousin away at Carleton University. Her letters meant a lot to me as a young teenager. I still have them!  

Then there were letters after high school, when friends wrote to keep in touch while at university or working miles away. Family wrote as well. (My sister sent mail every week!) It was heart-warming to open that box in the campus mail room and find an envelope! How I loved the stories and connections!

Today we may not send cards and letters as much...

but there is still power and comfort in the messages we send each other in an email.

One such email arrived on the day when Jim told me that it was cancer.

Glenda wrote...
thank you for the msg this morning, b.  i just spoke with karrilee and melodie earlier. if there is anything we can do .... anything ... please let us know ... i'm thinking about navigating the system, finding a place to stay in TO if jim is an out patient, helping out with costs, etc.  we can all help and help advocate .... there must be a co-ordinator who oversees out-of-province treatments .... we will await word. big hug.
There was many things to start processing that day, but the words Glenda sent to me were soothing. So thankful for family. God reminded me through her message that He was looking after us and we were not alone on this journey. (And He has continued to do so over and over!)

Your words matter.

Send them.


  1. The art of a letter is disappearing. I agree, words matter, especially when a heart is breaking. Thanks for reminding me to reach out.

  2. Your words matter...send them. Wow! What a powerful reminder to reach out, even when (and maybe especially when), you don't know what to say.

  3. What a wonderful friend you have. When I was caring for my husband, words certainly mattered, a lot. Hugs to you, and hoping that you continue to receive those words needed.

  4. Your post has such power- "Your words matter- send them." Yes! Taking the time to acknowledge someone, appreciate someone, empathize with someone, reach out to someone- these are gifts we give. Thank you for this post.


  5. I've been writing slices, but it's the first time I have shared a link at TWT in a few months. Thank you for being here and for leaving your sweet words.


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