November 2, 2015

Slice of Life | Hard Rock Cafe

We went to Jim's check-up at Princess Margaret this morning. Dr. Priya Durairaj made a comment about his patch work. I took it as high praise for my handiwork as his nurse! Jim thinks he is funny and says it was because we were laughing about it with her before we left the hospital last week! I'm going with what I think! (I do Jim's eye drops and patch three times a day. At first, Jim said I would make a good nurse but he started to change his mind when I started doing the eye drops. It can be quite comical!)

With the radiation and trying to sleep in a different bed, Jim is tired. It is very quiet here though. He tried to rest some more and then we ventured out for a couple hours. We took the shuttle to the hospital and then we walked to Yonge Street. What a happening street! Folks going in every direction and I noticed the rare person makes eye contact.

We had not been in a Hard Rock Cafe since living in Boston so we decided to do our one and only splurge there. We had a terrific time! The food was delicious, the music videos were fun, and we took a tour through their upstairs floor as well. It was filled with more artefacts of musicians and it is where they have bands play. Very cool! (I cant think of a better word right now.) 

We had a lovely young lady waiting on us. I had to ask her how she gets home safe at night. Just curious when I see so many young people walking and running and working downtown. (I was a "young person" when I lived in Boston, but I was in Quincy and I was never alone in the city at night. Plus now I think like a mother!)

We noticed the time and hurried back to catch the shuttle at 5:30.

Thank You, God, for Jim's good check-up.

Thank You, God, for our date at the Hard Rock Cafe.

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