October 13, 2015

Slice of Life | Puddles


A couple weeks ago, we had heavy rainfalls and there were huge puddles on our school playground. Just before the recess bell rang to go in, I saw E walking towards me soaked. "Oh my!" I said. "Let's have your friend S walk you up to the office so you can call home for some clothes." I was looking past him to see a kindergartener running back and forth through the puddle completely covered with mud and water!  Later when we were back in class and gathered together, I asked S how it all happened. "Well," she began, "E did a belly flop and then a cannon ball! He HAD to! M DOUBLE DOG DARED him!" Picture sparkling eyes, a big smile and a heart of gold saying this to you! Oh, how I giggled! Sometimes you just have to get in a puddle!

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