October 28, 2015

Slice of Life | Princess Margaret Cancer Centre

Today Jim had an appointment at the hospital.

It was a rainy day so we waited inside the shelter for the shuttle.

The shuttle arrives at the back of the lodge. We learned that the lodge was originally the Princess Margaret Hospital and was built in the 1950's. It became a lodge for cancer patients needing a place to stay during treatments. The cost to stay here is $20 a day. It provides your room, meals and shuttle service. So thankful.

The hospital is now about 10 minutes away from the lodge. The shuttle transports patients and caretakers back and forth throughout the day. On our name tag, there is a schedule so that we can easily check the times.

On the way over, we were able to see what is in walking distance and take in a view of the beautiful old buildings of the University of Toronto.

Princess Margaret is a tall building and the eye clinic is on the the very top floor.

When Jim was here in September, he spent hours in the waiting room between tests and seeing the specialists. We thought this may be our view for most of the day.

In a quiet waiting room, there were a couple of ladies beside us who were loud talkers. Jim said, "They were entertaining!"

Then we met a couple from Peterborough who sat beside us. We really enjoyed hearing their story and chatting about where they are from.

Today was a shorter wait for Jim. Before we knew it, we were heading downstairs with our paper noting the time to return for surgery tomorrow.

It was lunch time so we visited Druxy's Deli near the lobby. It was delicious! Jim was impressed with the sandwich and it was the best caesar salad I've had in a long time! (Oops! Natalie, I forgot to try something new!)

As we sat and waited for the shuttle to take us home,
I noticed this sign across the wall in front of me.

What a comforting feeling to know Jim is here!
He is in good hands and, most importantly, he is in God's hands.

Beside me, a lady told me she was there for blood work as her cancer had come back and then she mentioned her trust in God.

I recognized someone from our ride over and waved. She came over to chat with us. There is a warm familiar feeling when you see people from the lodge at the hospital.

We had the rest of the day to ourselves. It was very wet and windy here and without an umbrella, we decided to stay in.

There are many rooms in the lodge. There are lounges with books, puzzles, televisions and workout equipment.  We wandered into the front room which is like a parlour. In the corner, I was excited to see a grand piano! I can't remember songs from memory and I couldn't find a book so I am hoping I can find free piano music on-line and a printer.

Whether we are here at the lodge or there at the hospital, I'm really enjoying the time with Jim. Lots to laugh about and find joy in!

I feel so blessed to -
   have Jim at Princess Margaret for treatments
      have family and friends sending messages
         be meeting more wonderful people
            be hearing their stories
               have found a piano

Thank You, God.

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