August 4, 2015

Book | Eight Twenty Eight

Recently, I read "Eight Twenty Eight" by Ian and Larissa Murphy. It's a love story and a beautiful testimony of how amazing our God is. Reading about the car accident brought back many memories of my nephew and the miracle we saw.

book | page 165

"Ian, what's the first thing you'd do if God totally healed you?" I asked him...Ian was in his wheelchair, which kept him a few feet above the pool edge. I was thinking about all the ways I would answer that question if I were asked, and I could see in my mind, things like...jumping in the pool, sweeping Lydia and I into a dance, running to his mom's house.

Ian, however, while I was thinking of these "doings", was on a different surface.

"Thank Him."

blog entry | January 22, 2012

God might not heal me until heaven but I'm grateful even though, because he saved me.

He has been everything that I've lost.


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