July 7, 2015

Slice of Life | Grammie's Memory Jar

Years ago I made a memory jar for my grandmother. After Grammie passed away in 2000, it was returned to me and I tucked it in my cabinet. As I was spring cleaning, I noticed it in behind my box of old letters. I opened it and pulled out the slips of papers. Reading my words to Grammie and remembering moments with her soothed my heart.

Before seat belts, I remember your arm in front of me.

I remember the way your Bible looks. It looks worn from your daily reading.

I remember you showing me how to wash my hands properly.

I remember you picking me up for piano lessons every week.

I remember how your hands look on the steering wheel.

I remember playing all over the farmhouse.

I remember my chocolate milk and toast after school.

I remember how good you made me feel about a "break up".

I remember how you and Grampie kept Rocky the dog!

I remember peppermints in the drawer and mint patties in the big cupboard

I remember taking the bus to your house every day after school.

I remember you playing the organ at church.

I remember you saying, "Maybe you'll marry one of them"...Jim was one of them.

I remember what people in the church and community say about you and Grampie. 
It warms my heart.

I remember you rubbing my feet when they were sore from working.

I always remember you praying for me.

I remember you teaching me how to hold scissors properly.

I remember playing games with you - at all ages.

I remember being allowed to play in the barn all the time. I had so much fun!

I remember how you stayed with me at nights when we moved to the Ridge.

I remember how much you and Grampie loved each other.



  1. Before my time...but one of my favorite photos of Grammie and Grampie...

  2. Sweet memories that take you back in time.

    1. Thank you for being here, Elsie.

      As I was reading them, I was teary...

      and then I was thinking how thankful I am that we write things down...

  3. What a thoughtful gift! Lovely to know you had the foresight to share these memories with her. Sweet to think of her reading them and then you re-reading them. Our stories tie us together. What a special blessing to have a legacy of faith!

  4. Oh, how this brought back all the sweet memories of my Gram! She passed just a few years ago but it still feels like it was yesterday. I often wonder if the pain of missing her will fade. Somehow I doubt it but I always have the sweet memories to soften the blow! Thanks for sharing!

  5. What a heartfelt post and gift to your Gran. I hope someday that I make as many beautiful memories with my grandchildren.

  6. Oh Loralee!! What a beautiful memory to have! I made a box of memories for my Dad's 60th birthday. He died a few months later. I wish I had that. This post brought me right back to that moment. LOVE these memories. Thank you so much for sharing!!!

  7. This is so wonderful, Loralee. How sweet it is to have such a Grammie. I have so many good memories of mine. You brought me right back to those times. Thank you.

  8. This is just perfect. A gift for Grammie and then a gift for you and then a gift for us. Precious are your words. I know your Grammie loved reading them all.

  9. Thank you so much for the kind comments, Folks!
    I'm glad it brought back wonderful memories for you too!


Thank you for being here.