March 8, 2015

Slice of Life Challenge 8 | my Camp Taconic notebook

When I was at Camp Taconic, I kept a notebook under my bed in an old wooden crate salvaged from the dining hall. Inside my notebook, I collected this and that.

camp brochures
my first note from Jim
the Camp Taconic handbook for counselors
goals for the summer
notes from my team members
jots from books I read
bible verses
names and address of all my campers
letters from campers
photocopies of cards from directors
a list composed by Ryan about funny things that happened over the summer

With my grade 4 students, I would often tell them that when they were older, they would enjoy pulling out their notebooks and thinking back. It's exactly what I did with my old camp notebook! I have many memories in my head, but walking through the notebook yesterday brought back many more.

Camp Taconic


  1. Feeling a little lost without my computer today. It's under the weather. Wanted to do more but this it for now. :0)

  2. The joy on the faces tells the story of a life experience that will stay with you forever.

  3. Looks like a moment in your life that you would never want to forget!

  4. A picture tour of happy times - lovely!

  5. You did very well without the computer, Loralee-love the story in pics!

  6. Thank you so much for the comments. I was able to get into some things with Jim's help through my laptop...but coudn't get to some particular pictures. It was driving me crazy so I revised it to a focus on the notebook. :0)

  7. You sound like you are so good at keeping things. I threw out a LOT of stuff when John and I got married. I may regret that in the future. :(


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