March 3, 2014

Slice of Life | Day 3

Covenant Preschool Field Trip

When Annie was four years old, she went to Covenant Preschool.  During that year, I was home on a maternity leave and I was reading the book, When Mothers Pray, by Cheri Fuller. She spoke of a group called, Moms In Touch International and shared the amazing things that were happening in the lives of children and schools around the world because mothers were praying together.

As I thought of Annie starting kindergarten in the fall, I knew in my heart that I wanted, and needed, to be a part of a group like Moms In Touch. I contacted them in California and learned there were groups all over the world, but none in this area. They sent me a booklet and when I looked through it, I knew God wanted me to do something. I had no idea how or who or when, but the part that stood out for me was "all you need is one other mom to pray with you". It gave me hope. It seemed possible. I started praying for one mom to join me in committing one hour each week to pray for our children and school.

In the fall, I found myself teaching a Sunday School class with Fuller's book. One Sunday morning, a mother said, "We need a group like this for Magnetic Hill School" and there she was. She was my other mom. We set a day and time to pray and I started inviting other moms.

On that first night in January, there were five of us. We prayed and cried. We felt we had found each other. There were tears of joy and understanding and strength. We knew God had brought us together to lift our prayers up to him in one accord.

There are not enough pages to capture all the things we have seen God do!  (Side note: Our group met for seven years, and while we haven't been able to connect for that same hour in the basement of that little country church because our kids are older and going in many directions, we still connect. We pray by emails, in school parking lots, and before another study group that some of us are in. It isn't the same sweet hour of prayer, but we know we are still seeing the fruits of those hours and He still hears our prayers in those precious moments. And someday I hope to be meeting for that MIPI hour every week again!)

For now, here is what my dear friend, Karla, wrote after our first year together...

"I am so thankful for prayer and what it has done in my life over the past year! It is such a weight off of my shoulders when I realize that God cares about every detail in my life and that He loves my children more than I ever could! I am so thankful for Moms In Touch and how it has changed the way I pray! I have often found prayer to be difficult, my mind would always wander and I would end up sending my request off like a “to-do” list for God. It often seemed like an overwhelming task with so many issues, people and situations that needed covered in prayer that I wouldn't know where to start. The format, layout and structure of the prayer time means that we are actually in prayer for one hour. I would have once been intimidated by this and now it seems that we could use that hour for praise and thanksgiving alone! I use this type of format in my personal prayer time as well now and I have seen so many answers to my prayers. In short, MITI has brought me closer to God and God closer to me!” – Karla Jardine, 2004


  1. Things do work out, don't they? I'm happy for you that you found your group!

  2. This slice speaks very close to my heart, as I have found over the years just how necessary prayer is in my life. Two of my closest friends and I have formed a prayer group and meet for an hour every Wednesday. We talk, we share, we pray. Thanks for sharing your prayer group. God bless.

    1. How amazing that hour must be for you and your friends, Judy! So good for the heart in countless way.

      Thank you so much for sharing.

      P.S. Your daughter is precious.

  3. It sounds like you have created an incredibly strong circle for you, and for your family as well! You've woven events and memories together beautifully in your post!

    1. I'm very thankful for the strong ladies around me.
      Thank you for taking time to read and comment, Melanie. Means a lot!

  4. I'm so glad you found your group! I pray with a very good friend of mine weekly. We get together and catch up and pray. We hold each other accountable, sometimes read scripture...our time together is a priority in my life. She's getting married and moving our time will be harder to schedule. Whenever I get scared, I remember that God will take care of me. Thank you for sharing!!! Your blog always makes me smile and brings me a sense of peace!!


  5. Oh Michelle, you have encouraged me beyond words.

    You and your friend have something very special.

    Oh yes, isn't it wonderful to know He takes care of us?


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