March 26, 2014

Slice of Life | Day 26

Marina Mae Trites

I love to hear stories about Mom and Dad when they were young. One of my favorites is when Dad first noticed Mom. They were in high school at Bethany Bible College in Yarmouth, Nova Scotia. Dad went to the library with the intentions to ask a certain girl on a date. But when he walked in, he saw my mom with her.

I called Dad to ask him more about that moment. Mom was on the line too.

  Loralee: Can you tell me again what you were thinking?

  Dad: Good night! I'm looking at the wrong girl! 

And then he shared how Mom was so beautiful.

We say good-bye.

The phone rings.

  Dad: I was also thinking, "That's everything I ever wanted right there!"

  Mom: He was only 16. He didn't know.

  Dad: I was 15. I can't help it!

  Mom: You crazy, old fool!


  1. That's sweet - and they remember it with so much delight and humor.

  2. I love that you called your parents to get more input and their responses were too sweet! And then for them to call back!

  3. Such a cute post about a wonderful love affair! I love how you shared it using their conversation.


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