March 20, 2014

Slice of Life | Day 20

  1. 1.
    (in the New Testament) an intimate term for God as father.

Years ago, I purchased a little book called "prayer starters for busy moms" by Tracy Klehn.  It's full of precious gems showing moms how they can pray without ceasing.

From Brennan Manning, Klehn learned that as you breath, you can be praying every minute of everyday. "Abba, I belong to you" is a simple sentence prayer. As you breathe in you say, "Abba," and as you breathe out you say, "I belong to you."

When my mind is filled with "what-ifs" and "how-tos" especially when I am going to sleep, it is when I pray "Father, I belong to you" over and over that everything changes.

I am reminded that no matter what the circumstance, I am His child and He takes care of me.

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