November 19, 2013

Slice of Life | Team NB

Gold Medal Team
Summer 2013

Last spring, Annie wanted to try out for Team New Brunswick. We took her to the tryouts knowing it would take a miracle to cover the costs if she made it.

She made it.

It was an honor for her to be recognized as one of the top athletes in the sport, and it was scary as it would also mean $1200+. As I type, I get teary all over again.

We prayed.

There were a couple of team fundraisers that helped, but God opened other doors. Family, friends and neighbors hired her to weed, dig dirt, fold clothes, clean closets, and more. She also had a yard sale with their kind donations of new and used things. Sometimes we would just walk into church and someone would give her a gift.

Annie worked hard on and off the court. In July, she flew away with her teammates and they came back from Newfoundland with the gold medal!

Through these challenging times, we continue to learn more and more about our God, the Great Provider.


  1. Goodness surrounds us just when we think we are lost.

  2. I love God moments like these. Congratulations to your daughter and thank you for the reminder about having faith in moments of despair/panic. God provides!


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