January 13, 2022

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Here are some more snippets from our family journal -

July 2002
At Beulah, Annie (4) saw her dress on the bed and she said, "Yay! I've been waiting to go to church all week!"

July 2003
The girls went swimming in their little pool after they had been to a baptism service down at the beach. When Annie (5) was spraying Eliza (3) with the hose, Eliza said, "Am I done being baptized yet?"

April 2005
Mommy: Eliza, did you hit Ethan?
Eliza (5): I hit him gently.

January 2007
Kids are tucked in and I'm working at the desk which is near their bedrooms.
Ethan (5): Mommy?
Ethan: That was a big day.

December 2007
Today was Annie's turn to be the the Student of the Day. She had to take something special. She chose her Bible and took it to school.

June 2008
Ethan (6): Ask Daddy! He's the smart one.

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