May 10, 2016

Slice of Life | Jim's Posts

While Jim and the girls were at Nationals, I activated my Facebook account for a short time to see team photos. In our Roofers group for parents and players in the Black program, I noticed posts by Jim. Here's a glimpse of the kind of coach (and dad) he is... 

After Day 1, he posted the following:

Ladies, I know today didn't go as we had hoped, but there were a LOT of positives!! Hold your head high, remember who we are and all the work we've put in! Day one is done...lets take the good, learn from the not so good, refocus, re-group and go for broke!! You rock and I'm proud of each of you and honored to be on this journey with you!

To the five of the girls who started together when they were twelve years old, he wrote:

Six years ago, these five young ladies stepped on to a court for the first time together...and never looked back! Their passion, determination, willingness to learn and desire to compete and improve paved the way for what would become the Black program.

They were the flag bearers for the growth of the club, leading by example and welcoming everyone. There were many who started this journey with them, but they were the ones who stood the test, putting in the time and sacrificing much to culminate their achievements with a national silver medal.

As wonderful as they are on the court, that is just a small part of who they are. They are confident, mature, smart, funny and wonderful young women. They love each other and love being around each other, and that is something truly special.

So to Beth, Sara, Natalie, Annie and Jena, I want to thank you for what you have meant to this club, this team and to me as a coach. I have enjoyed every minute and it has been a pleasure to be on this journey with you and to see you grow from young ladies into young women. Congratulations on all you've done and accomplished and I wish you nothing but the best in the next chapter of your life. Never settle and keep dreaming!

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  1. How sweet..... His comments were so heartfelt. What a beautiful journey to watch and be a part of. Girls growing up can be rough, but he stuck it out with them and watched them blossom into beautiful young ladies and now young women. :)


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