July 18, 2014

Five Minute Friday | bloom


In 1993, I was a student teacher at Wollaston Elementary near Boston, MA. We kept journals and my supervisor from Eastern Nazarene College would leave a note as well as a little treat when she visited. Mrs. Cawthorne's words were always encouraging. One day she left an ornament for me. It was a flower in a pot that had a sign which said, "Bloom where you're planted." It has stuck with me.

My teaching journey did not unfold as I had dreamed. When I graduated with my MEd, I didn't say "I want to supply teach and long for my own classroom for many years!"

I didn't understand and it was hard on my heart countless times. But what I can say now is that God helped me bloom where I was planted over those years of waiting for a contract with the public school system.

Because I was not planted in my own classroom for almost 20 years...

...I met wonderful teachers, parents and students in many schools.

...I taught in a little private school for a year and met moms who became my Yadas.

...I worked with great teens in a youth ministry.

...I directed a one-morning cooperative preschool with incredible parents and children.

...I was part of the Carter family who shared their two precious kids with me.

...I was home with our Annie, Eliza and Ethan which was the best reason of all.

I am grateful.

There are reasons for where He plants us.

Five Minute Friday


  1. What a wonderful reminder. I have heard that before - Bloom where you are planted - and so much of what I am reading at the moment is circling that familiar phrase, but without using it. I had forgotten those words, and not even Lisa-Jo's prompt made me think of it. Thank You

    1. Thank you for visiting, Sarah. I've been enjoying your writing on your blogs!

  2. Great post! And as a teacher, your words truly resonate with me. I'm so glad I stopped by here from FMF.


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