April 11, 2014

Five Minute Friday | paint


Jim doesn't like to paint, but he's good at it.

I can think of many things he has painted over the years...

....all the rooms of our house

...the cabinet behind the girls in the giggle photo

...the front porch

...and more

There has been a lot of patience behind the painting...

...like the time I was pregnant and he painted Annie's baby room. I sat on the floor and cried because I thought my choice of color looked like old pantyhose.

...like the time he painted the red antique cabinet twice. It was red when we found it at the antique store and I asked for another color and then wanted white.

...like the time I asked him to help me with some painting in my classroom. He wasn't thrilled, but came to help me with my "four shelves". Unfortunately, he didn't see "shelves" the same way as me. Maybe a Canadian - American thing? He expected four shelves...and I guess I should have said "four book cases with cubbies"...Oops!

Five Minute Friday


  1. Adorable. I loved reading about Jim and your story. So sweet, and you cracked me up with the idea that the color you picked looked like old pantyhose. What a dream you are! Loved reading this today. Thank you for sharing your five minutes. :)

    1. Thank you, Kelly, for your encouraging note! ...It did remind me of old beige pantyhose at first, but it turned out well! Phew! :0)

  2. I loved that you joined in on the Five Minute Fridays! It's fun to all have the same word and then we put our own personal touch on it. Everything has been painted in my house as well by my husband from every room to various pieces of furniture. Deciding on the paint color may be the hardest part!

    1. I'm glad I learned about it through you! I like having a word to write from! ...I hear ya! Deciding on the paint color is challenging! :0)


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