August 30, 2013

The Lottery

Today I found a note from a student who was in my middle school writing group last year.

"Mrs. Druart always makes me happy when she teaches because she's fun, exciting and always appears to be happy. Every time I see her in the hallway it's like she won the lottery!"

When I first read the note in June, it warmed my heart and I thanked her for the encouraging words.

When I read the note this time, I found  it interesting that she used the word "lottery".

It has been a challenging year as we continue to wait on the Lord for employment for my husband. It hasn't felt at all like I "won the lottery", but I needed to remember that...

...God is my strength and He helps me teach.

...God is my joy and I am "happy" during hard times because of Him.

...I am rich with God and it's even better than winning the lottery.


  1. I love your new little writing home! You are off to a great start . . . a list of ideas, a little thanks, and a reflection about a special note. You are absolutely right in saying we are rich with God daily in so many ways.

    Welcome to the writing world!


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