August 30, 2016

Slice of Life | Just Stopping

On a beautiful, sunny day, Lisa and I headed to one of her favorite places, Cape D'Or

My dream of a perfect trip is driving

   with no destination

      and no clock.

Just stopping wherever along the way.

The day was dreamy.

We stopped when we first saw the ocean view.

We stopped when we saw multiple sign posts in front of an old church.

We stopped when we saw a quaint little shed with a local selling pottery.

We stopped when we needed a store.

We stopped to see her favorite restaurant, the Wild Caraway even though it was closed.

We stopped to live in the sounds and the sights of the ocean around Cape D'Or.

We stopped at the charming Spencer's Island Beach Cafe for lunch.

We stopped to cool our feet in the water while we waited for our meal.

We stopped when we saw a beautiful old school house on Hatfield Road.

We stopped to chat with people along our way.

It was a perfect day

   filled with wonder

      talking about whatever

         and laughing.

Thank you, Lisa.

Cape D'Or, Nova Scotia

 Beach Cafe | Spencer's Island

Spencer's Island


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