January 17, 2016

Sunday's Photograph | Some Landers & Landers

Uncle Edgar, Aunt Marjorie and Ida
Mom, Dad and Me

I believe this is 1982. 
Oh my! 

Oh how I loved going to Uncle Edgar and Aunt Marjorie's house when we went to Sandford! It was just a quick walk up (down...could never remember if folks said it was up the road or down the road) from Grampie and Grammie's house. I can still remember the wonderful smell of their home as I walked in the side porch.

Right now my eyes are doing a tour of the house...the transistor for Aunt Marjorie to talk to Uncle Edgar on the boat, the table where we had bacon and brown sugar, the piano with Reader's Digest piano books, the little staircase to the bedrooms,...

Ida and I were always up to something! Making flashlight movies, having sleepovers, going shopping, taking treks along the shore...