July 1, 2015

a few of my favorite things | blogs for teachers

A few of my favorite blogs for teachers...

Two Writing Teachers

I don't remember how I found Two Writing Teachers with Stacey Schubitz and Ruth Ayres back in 2009, but I am thankful I did. Their sharing has helped me as a teacher in countless ways. The team has grown over the years and the blog is my favorite place to go every day!

About three summers ago, I took time to go through the blog from the very beginning. I filled a notebook with notes I jotted, or printed and pasted. I should make notes again! I bookmark many posts, but I also love flipping through pages to refresh my memory. The blog is full of wonderful ways to help our students soar as writers!

From Mrs.D's Classroom
Idea from Two Writing Teachers

From Mrs.D's Classroom
Plan Boxes
Idea from Two Writing Teachers


It was through the Two Writing Teachers that I heard about Chartchums from their very beginning! Kristi Mraz and Marjorie Martinelli share many ways to have smarter anchor charts in our classrooms. The blog is excellent!

From Mrs.D's Classroom
Idea from Chartchums

Catching Readers Before They Fall

Pat Johnson and Katie Keier have a blog that connects beautifully to their book, Catching Readers Before They Fall! They share valuable information on how to support our little readers. I enjoy going there to find ways to make my teaching stronger!

Mathematically Minded

I am new to this blog and it has become an instant favorite! Mathematically Minded is a place where Christina Tondevold helps teachers build math minds. She also has The Recovering Traditionalist where she shares her journey and more helpful advice for math teachers.

Reflect & Refine: Building a Learning Community

Cathy Mere of Reflect & Refine is an incredible educator. Her blog is one we need to read regularly. Wonder what picture books to read? Wonder how to help your students grow as independent readers? Wonder how to bring technology into your classroom? Wonder how to connect with teachers through Twitter? You will find the helpful answers and much more at her blog! Enjoy!

I could go on and on with more incredible blogs!
I am grateful to the teachers who give their time to write, sharing ideas and resources.
What a blessing to teachers everywhere!

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