April 28, 2015

Slice of Life | This is Not Our Home

a house is a place where we play and work and sleep and eat and laugh and growl
and cry and rest and breathe and sing and talk and listen and dream and pray and love

as we look at a house
family memories wash over us


it is not our home

we are only passing through

we have a heavenly home

our loved ones who lived here
are already sitting there with Jesus

someday we will pull up a chair beside them
in our forever home



  1. Such beauty and such peace...what a perfect way to begin the day! Thank you!

  2. This is beautiful. As my husband and I plan furiously for our new condo, a place where we'll downsize soon, I need this reminder that it is not our true home - our true home is yet to be. I'd love it if you joined our Spiritual Journey Thursday community. I know you comment on many of our posts, and I love that - think about linking up when you can!

  3. A lovely thought, captured in your poem, too, Loralee. I like that you included the pictures!

    1. Thank you, Linda.

      House #1 - It was Grampie and Grammie Landers' house.
      House #2 - It was Grampie and Grammie Trites' house.
      House #3 - It looks different, but my parents are still there! <3
      House #4 - It was my Uncle Norman and Aunt Carole's house...which was recently sold to a good family.

      So many memories...

  4. Sweet. Although I do love my home right now, and hope to enjoy its comforts for some time!

  5. Home always seems to be a place that brings much joy. I'm never sure if it is the home, or the stories that happen inside of it. I love the words "our forever home" - full of promise.


  6. Thank you for sharing. Wonderful to read your words.


Thank you for being here.