July 23, 2014

Coffee For Your Heart | A memory that makes me smile...

My childhood friend, Wendy and I were going to be farmers when we grew up. Instead, we both grew up to be teachers (and we did marry which we said we would never do! ...Boys? Yuck!). Actually, Wendy is living both dreams! She teaches and she has beautiful horses.

Mr. Horsman was our wonderful grade 6 teacher and as grown-ups, we had the privilege of teaching with him at our Magnetic Hill School. Wendy has been there since she started teaching and they have become close friends.

Mr. Horseman's mother has gone to our church for years and one Sunday she received a special award. He came to see the presentation and at school the next day, he asked Wendy why she wasn't in church. As the conversation continued, he told her that he sang a duet with me and she missed it!

She believed him!

A short time later, Wendy called me to see if it was really true! We had a good laugh and then she started to plan a payback. I asked Brad, a friend (who later married her niece) from our worship team, to help us. Jim made a recording of us singing the song, "When the Roll is Called Up Yonder".

Wendy then took the CD to the school staff room and told Mr. Horsman that she had a recording of the duet. (I think she said his expression was priceless!) She then proceeded to play it...Well, Brad sang off key on purpose and it wasn't long before everyone was cracking up! It is one of many funny moments Mr. Horsman and Wendy have shared together! It was fun to be a part of it!

It's been a few years ago now, but the recording still makes me giggle! 

A Duet with "Mr. Horsman" 


  1. Hahaha- I loved listening to the song. What a fun memory and what a blessing to have life-long friends. Thanks for sharing your story and your gift here.

    1. Thanks, Karen. It took a while to make it! We kept laughing! :0)

  2. Loralee, thank you for your comments on my blog post over at Holley's place today! I enjoyed your post, too :) I love reading about the sweet memories we all have of dear friends, especially those who continue remain life-long friends.


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