June 21, 2014

Celebrate | Eliza

Eliza is moving on to high school. On Tuesday evening, we watched her receive many academic and athletic awards along with her grade 8 certificate. We are very proud of our Eliza! 

Our principal and teachers planned a wonderful celebration for the students and their families. It was an evening filled with joy and love! So thankful Magnetic Hill  is our school.

In my grade 2 class, we tried some "chant poems" this spring. Here is one for Eliza.

Eliza is
Eliza is strong
Eliza is strong, tenderhearted
Eliza is strong, tenderhearted and
Eliza is strong, tenderhearted and funny!


  1. Beautiful sentiments for a lovely girl with so much ahead!

  2. What a beautiful daughter! The three adjectives you used to describe her are three wonderful characteristics! I can feel the pride in your words!

    1. Thank you, Leigh Annie. She is precious.

  3. I taught those wonderful 8th graders-a special time in their lives, Loralee! Your daughter is beautiful & congrats to her!


    1. So true! It's an incredible age! (What a dream you would be as a grade 8 teacher!)

      The two classes went to Ottawa and Quebec City the week before the celebration...What an experience for them to share together! With the fundraising and more, it was a year of bonding for students, teachers and parents!

      Thank you, Linda.


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